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Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Intentions

Despite what this photo might suggest,
I would like to dispel the misconception that being free from study means that there is more free time.
‘Tis just NOT so!
The freedom from study means in fact, that there is more time to be filled by all the other things that you’ve left by the wayside, and which you now need to catch up on…
I’m not complaining, mind you….I don’t miss the stress of studying or meeting deadlines at all!
But my days don’t seem to have 24 hours in them.
I know they will have, but where do all these hours go?!
And in case you think I’m whingeing…I’m not.
I’m just musing about time passing.
My week is rather full…but enjoyably so.
The boys still have one week left of school, but as with the end of any term, the week is a whirlwind of social and other activity.
Oddly enough, I toyed with thoughts of doing some study ahead of the semester beginning again…
Sometimes, I wonder just where I get these unrealistic ideas from?!
Today's photo shows my beanbag, my cuppa tea, my pile of good books, and my chocolates, in my patch of sunshine.
I ate my chocolates (on the run), I drank my cuppa tea (cold, and between jobs), but I never got to my beanbag or my books.
I did however, enjoy the sunshine and the glorious day....all day long! Aaaaaahhhhh....Life's good!

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