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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fog on the brain

Well, the day began with thick fog….very apt I thought. An accurate reflection of my cognitive processes this morning.

The grey of the morning contrasted acutely with the colourful personage I met today. I wish I could’ve taken a photo of her to contrast with the photos of the fog. She wore fluorescent, lime yellow-greens, together with bright, livid reds…worn in an astonishingly tasteful and fashionable combination! It goes to show you can wear anything if you wear it with confidence! She looked great! Her flamboyant style of dress overshadowed only by her equally vibrant and gregarious personality. She described herself as owning a company and working as a “high end interior designer” …and she certainly fitted the bill! I enjoyed my conversation with her. A very entertaining, personable, and ‘touchy feely’ person, she was as good at kickstarting my day, as my morning cuppa coffee had been! Lovely.

This afternoon we took a walk in the beautiful autumn sunshine, to the hardware store to get some light fittings. (It’s so nice not to have to travel manageable distances in the car, now that the boys are older and need exercising!). As we walked back down a street lined with mature sycamore trees all shedding their golden leaves, we went past a couple who were landscaping their front garden. No sooner had we walked past, when K stopped short and proclaimed that he thought the man was a relative of his! Like we discover long lost relatives on a regular basis!
Anyway, being friendly kiwis, we decided to go back to see if K’s hunch was right. And it was!!! This was a cousin whom K had only ever met when K was very young (ie. a long, long, LONG time ago!), and whose wife neither of us had never ever met! K had recognised the man from his facial side profile as we walked past. Obviously some striking familial characteristics! AMAZING! And they literally live just across the park from our place. People are shrinking the world.

Fortunately, the meteorological fog didn’t last. It’s been such a beautiful day for Day 2 of our long Queens’ Birthday Weekend… Unfortunately though, the cognitive fog lingers still. Deep sighs.

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Ange of the North said...

Cool story! I can't get the third picture to enlarge - what is it? I'm intrigued!

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