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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The best made plans

Today, L's Spanish guitar teacher was a guest performer at his school. We found out quite suddenly on our arrival at school this morning, and without any warning, L and his friend J, were plonked onto the stage and had their very first ever, Classical guitar concert (with their teacher F accompanying them). They did very well, considering they have only been learning for just over 2 months, and for having been given next to no warning about the impromptu concert at the school assembly.

After they played, F moved to centre stage and the two boys sat down on the stage to the right. Everyone was enjoying the sounds of Spanish classical guitar played by F, when 'something' got into L.....he suddenly got it into his head to shuffle along on his bottom, right across centre stage, IN FRONT of F who was performing beautifully, right across to the other side! By this time, he had successfully usurped the guest performer and the kids' attentions (as well as the Principal and other teachers' attentions!)! L stood up, almost in front of the guest performer (who was doing his level best to regain his composure) and retrieved his music folder which he had left on the music stand beside the guest guitarist! He then bottom shuffled his way all the way back across centre stage to where his gobsmacked friend was watching! I was totally mortified!!!!!! Who brought THAT kid up???!! And what was he thinking...that nobody could see him despite being on centre stage???!

But wait. There's more! F finished his amazing performance, but must've been so traumatised by the bottom shuffler, that he very quickly bowed his way out into a room that was by the stage. I had just been in that room moments earlier, and I thought it was just a storeroom It was dark and crammed with musical instruments etc. Anyway, F retreated into this room, and the Principal shut the door!!! My friend and I had huge conniptions about the fact that this guest was now stuck in a dark storeroom, with no way of getting out until after assembly was over! That was no way to treat a guest! We could just imagine the torture of sitting in a dark closet having to listen to a school assembly in its entirety! Anyway, I had to clench my cheek muscles incessantly, to stop my giggles from escaping. It was a tough job.

Just as well I had something to do though, because the next guest got up to speak, and he was distinctly sonorific. I realised after 15 mins, that my 4am start this morning had begun to impact me. I was directly facing the guest speaker, who was looking somewhat perturbed at my inexcusably glazed eyes, before I realised. Ahem.

Anyway, we lasted the length of school assembly, anxious to release F from his cupboard! What would we find there?! A pile of bones? A distraught mess? Was that any way to treat a guest?! We were somewhat nervous when we checked the room after assembly had finished.....but immensely relieved when we discovered that F had found an escape route between the shelves and had somehow managed to unlock a hidden door to the outside. WHEW!

And now, I must head for bed lest tomorrow is as exciting!

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