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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mango Bliss




I really think that some of the very BEST Mangoes in the world are grown right here in Australia. Bowens, Kensington Prides, R2E2s etc…

They are luscious, juicy, sweet, tangy, and simply perfect. Often, Mangoes sold in other parts of the world can have little or no flavour, have blemishes or bugs, or are so small as to render them wholly unrewarding to eat. The ones we get here are fleshy specimens of a worthy size, dripping with heavenly nectar – beautiful to look at and delectable to eat!

We are a few weeks into the Mango season now and the fruit is becoming richer and tastier. The Mango season is quite short so we are feeding our faces and freezing as much as we can, for when times are lean!

If you’ve never tried a fresh, ripe mango from these parts….you’ve never lived!


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