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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weather to Consider it

I must admit, Southern Ange, exercise is not even on my horizon.
It should be.
However, there are two factors. The weather being one. A pretty major one.
It always seems to be dark and wet. Although it's light enough when I drive to school in the morning (not for too much longer!), it's dark when I step out the door to go home.
And did I mention the rain? Ugh. Perpetual wetness.
The other factor is part of what I was pondering this morning.
Do you ever tell yourself that you will do something when things get "back to normal" or "settle down again"? Don't bother. I have concluded, once again, that there is no such thing. In fact, my scientifically proven theory of time says that seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. get shorter as time goes by. Have you noticed? And the theory also supports the notion that weekends are shorter than weekdays.
Here's some proof: Last year, I used to come home, make dinner, then upload photos and blog in the evening. I can't do it anymore; the hours are shorter and I can only do my running around, eat, and fall into bed.
It's true!
Therefore, there is no time for exercise beyond pumping the steering wheel. At least not in this girl's day!
Maybe the minutes Down Under are longer; a very attractive benefit to living in the south. You should talk to the tourism people; they could launch a very successful campaign to attract northerners like me!

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