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Monday, November 30, 2009

ADD Moments

I'm supposedly writing report cards right now, but I always develop attention deficit disorder when I'm meant to be reporting on my students.
Instead, I'll share with you a brief update on the season in Canada.
I'm listening to jazz versions of Christmas music as I type; it seems to start earlier each year. Normally, we get a Christmas tree and put it up in the second or third week of December. For the past couple of years, though, Big Bear has been making noises about buying an artificial tree - sacrilege! The best thing about Christmas, in my opinion, is sitting alone in the living room at night with just the tree lights on (and candles, of course!), quiet music playing, and breathing in the rich scent of pine.
But after our amazingly leaky tree stand last year, which left irreparable stains on the carpet, I was just a tiny bit more receptive.
Banished from the house on Dec. 26. Very sad.
So we did it.
Last week, we actually bought a realistic looking, pre-lit tree for an astounding amount of money. Little Joe calculated that it will pay for itself in just 23 years, based on the price of cheap Ikea trees And then he made his Great Pronouncement: "Dad, you have sold your soul."

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Southern Ange said...

That is definitely 1 regional contrast that we noted between the Great White North and Down Under. Where we are now, it is a synthetic tree mecca. Not sure why, but maybe it is because the real trees wouldn't survive very well in our summer! People go on holiday over this time and I imagine that the real trees could die of overheating or lack of water or somesuch thing. Anyway, its not too common to get the real trees. But that was something we LOVED about the GWN! The fact that the real trees outnumbered the synthetic. You will have to get yourself a pine-scented candle I think! And post a photo of the new addition to the family. Wonder if you'll have as much snow at Christmas as last year? If you do, send some here - we're melting in the heat! xo

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