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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Kickbiking Diet

Today, a good friend took me ‘kickbiking’.


My lungs almost burst and I nearly expired but it was a lot of fun! Well, the downhills were great fun. But the uphills nearly killed me. Not that I’m a masochist or anything, but I could see the benefits of doing this sort of exercise several times a week…..or even once a week!


It brought back memories of a trip through the central North Island of NZ. We were in our car, traversing up the side of a very steep mountain near the ski fields. Imagine our amazement when we spotted a ‘slightly older’ woman (possibly in her 60’s) pumping up the steep mountain on one of these contraptions. She made it look SO easy! AND she was wearing a knapsack too (maybe with a heart-lung machine in it?!!). And she was fair zooming along… One could’ve been forgiven for thinking she was on the flat and not hoofing up a steep mountain range!


She would do 2 kicks with her left leg, and then seamlessly transfer her weight so that without missing a beat, she would then do the next 2 kicks with her right. I tried that today. I’m glad M was riding ahead of me. It was NOT a pretty sight!


And it was DEFINITELY not a pretty sight at the end of the ride. M was fine. However, I resembled a boiled kumara. My complexion did return to its normal colouring, and my lungs did shrink back into their normal inactive state……several hours later.


But BOY! Was I HUNGRY !!! And now I have THAT much more weight to push uphill the next time I go kickbiking….

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Anonymous said...

Hope you weren't too tired mum and had fun.:)xo

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