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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simple Pleasures in the Northern Hemisphere

And happiness can also be
as simple as
autumn leaves on a sunny day!


Southern Ange said...

A lovely reminder of how much our family LOVED those Autumn leaves and those beautiful, crisp, cool days. Do you remember how wee L loved to pick colourful Autumn leaves as we walked to school to pick big bro up? I think you were a lucky recipient of some of those leaves! One of the school moms actually kept some of the leaves he picked, and when we left, she had waxed them onto a card for him! Ah...memories. Thanks! xo

christina said...

Hi Aunty Andrea
It is CHristina
I sent you an email to come in to my blog it is new and I just made it. I hope you can see it.

From : Christina

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