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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whether / Weather to exercise…

Exercise (or the lack of) is a perennial issue….especially as I slip into the ‘nether years’. You know it’s a concerning issue when you stand at the top of a flight of stairs and you get the distinct impression that if you fall down them, you’re gonna BOUNCE!


Someone wise once said, “Horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow!”


I’ll bet that person didn’t originate from around these parts. Maybe from some airconditioned gymnasium in Hollywood….?


I don’t know about you Ange of the North, but I’m struggling to know when is best to get out to do some exercise. Quite apart from the time factor and the motivation (which is necessarily increasing proportionate to my expanding girth), the weather is NOT AT ALL conducive to outdoor exercise. For some reason, I don’t function well early in the mornings….though things are getting so desperate that I’m even considering a 5am start. (Now, I wonder how long THAT would last…!). You see, by the time I take the boys to school, it’s already at least 9am and the sun has been pounding our land for several hours already. It’s HOT, it’s usually HUMID, and I’m really quite averse to being a DRIP. Sorry, I meant AGLOW. So that leaves the other end of the day, after the sun has set and the weather has hopefully cooled down a tad….yeah right! Extracurricular activities, dinner, bedtime.

And my guess, is that you have the opposite problem in the Great White North – cold and wet. Different kinda DRIP.


Hmmm. My one conclusion from all of this, is that is one reason why gyms will always continue to do well. I may yet have to succumb….


All this talk about exercise made me think about more sedentary things. Yesterday, as I worked at my desk, I could see these two birds sitting on our guttering. They sat there for hours, just quietly enjoying being together, letting the wind ruffle their feathers, preening themselves and each other at times, listening to the other birdcalls around them, and just enjoying the view.


I don’t know what kind of birds they are, but they were kinda cute.


Funny how the mind works, but I caught myself thinking, that we humans could learn a bit from them.


I was grateful for moments in my week when I have had a chance to pause and reflect…I’d like more of those moments. I am grateful for friends and family who will do life together with me…whatever it takes. I’m grateful for a perch…a place to call home where I can be myself and lay my head each night. And I love the view….no matter where we are, there is always something we can be grateful for.


I guess I should be grateful that my bod can still exercise, my appetite is still voracious, my pores still work very well, and my desire to exercise vs my fear of early mornings is still hopelessly optimistic!


Tessa said...

Ange, I think they could be turtle doves. They make a sound somewhat like a morepork -but softer.

Southern Ange said...

Hey Tessa, Thanks for that. Should've asked the expert first! They were very quiet for the few hours that they were sitting on our roof so I didnt get to hear their birdsong. It actually looked like they were enjoying listening to all the other birds because they'd cock their heads when the other birds were flying around and chatting. The crows were particularly vociferous that day and they don't make a pleasant sound!! Together with the cockatoos & magpies & kookaburras, it was a noisy affair... :) xo

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