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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes, or No?

We North Americans are a peculiar bunch.  For oh, so many reasons.  For one thing, we tend to disdain anything that smacks of collectivity.  We value individuality and uphold it as something holy and sacred.  
For this reason, students usually wear uniforms only at exclusive, elite private schools.  And those whose children don't attend these schools often look down on uniforms.  They make children look the same.  They can't express themselves through their clothes.  They're trying to make their kids look rich.  And then there are the girls who roll up the waistband of their skirt to make it look shorter - perpetuating the "sexy schoolgirl" image.  
Our culture doesn't really go for all these things.
On the other hand.....  Maybe wearing a uniform allows kids to express their true personality without relying too much on clothing brand names or styles.  The "haves" and "have-nots" are on a level playing field, diminishing clothing competition.  And it eliminates the issues of low cut necklines and those crazy baggy jeans!  I kind of liked my boys wearing a uniform in high school.  Easy, comfortable, and low-key.  And they didn't have to stare at girls' cleavage every day in class!
Next week, our school community will be voting on the uniform issue.  I really don't know which way it will go - a large number of parents are gung ho,  just waiting for the moment when they'll be able to put a big black X beside "yes".  Some are passionate about preserving our school culture, which is not at all elitist, and want their children to be individuals, not cookie-cutter kids.  Still others are undecided or passive about the issue.  And then there are the teachers, many of whom do not want to become uniform police, checking for the correct socks and measuring skirt hems.
It should be very interesting. 


Southern Ange said...

Hmmm. Toughie. If you do decide to go with uniforms, I'd vote for material that doesn't need ironing! Ever!

Crystal said...

Oh we've had this discussion at our school too! And there is always division in the ranks. But it's not at all common to have uniforms in public schools in our province so we've stayed without them. Would teachers wear the uniform too?

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