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Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Almost a week in Sydney with a bunch of crazy women….


It’s not often that I’m lost for words, but I really don’t know where to begin. I’m not sure that I can adequately describe how wonderful this time away together has been.


I haven’t laughed so much in ages. We had SO MUCH FUN. And some of it is definitely not publishable!


We ate (and ate, and ate) and the mild dose of food poisoning that we all came down with, didn’t seem to deter any of us! (besides which, it seemed only natural for women to all head for the ablutions together and on a fairly frequent basis!). P1080379 We talked (a goodly amount even for women!); we shopped (well, some of the more ‘natural’ shoppers did, whilst the rest of us supported them on their mission); we appreciated the sights; we travelled; we experienced (stuff!); we met amazing people; we were majorly spoilt; we simply enjoyed each other’s company and the lack of routine and daily demands. And we didn’t sleep.


As a busy mother, wife, woman, I would sincerely recommend that you really make the effort to get away with some good female friends every once in a while. There is something special that happens that is indescribable. It does wonders for the soul. And your children and husband appreciate you so much more when you return!


On that note, here are some totally random, jumbled thoughts and some equally random photos:


- Sydney is a wonderful place to visit and explore. It ‘buzzes’ all the time, even at midnight during the midweek. There are always people around to make it feel like things are alive, but not so many that you feel claustrophobic. It’s the sort of place where something is always happening.


- Sydney-ites are flippin’ CRAZY drivers! Especially the taxi drivers. And the traffic is horrendous. Public transport is fabulous though – we travelled by car, mini rail, train, ferry, bus, but ran outta time to go on the monorail.


- We had the most perfect weather (bar the first day, which was cloudy). Absolutely perfect otherwise. Sunny, clear, balmy. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect for strolling in the sunshine, or sitting out under the stars and lights.


- Our 2-level accommodation at Darling Harbour was wonderful. I took far too many photos of the stunning view from our windows. And the location couldn’t have been better.


- Two of my most favourite times were a) having an al fresco dinner on the promenade at Darling Harbour, with the water and the lights sparkling all around us, a happy bustling and buzz all around, and some great conversation and company; b) all the girls lounging on the bed/sofas, in the dark with the lights turned off, chatting into the wee small hours of the morning, and enjoying the ambience and magnificent view over the Harbour with all the pretty city lights. Sublime.


- Bondi is a beautiful surf beach embracing the surfie culture…..surfboards, skateboards everywhere. You even get fined now if you’re caught hooning down the road on your skateboard (which seemed to be a common occurrence even in the short time we were there!). This is the time of the year to go to Bondi if you want a huge selection of swimming togs for cheap, cheap, cheap! The great sales were the only thing that induced me to whip off my layers and try on swimwear which I really didn’t need.


- Bondi Junction had the most amazing foodcourt I have ever experienced. Nothing like any of the other food courts I’ve eaten at. Fresh, huge variety, restaurant standard, foodcourt prices, gourmet offerings! The girls were astounded at the seafood on offer. But our favourite was definitely the Thai-Malay place. Culinary bliss.


- Having contacts/family/friends in a foreign location is definitely a plus for the insider/local knowledge!


- Pacific Islanders are some of the kindest, most generous, warm, hospitable people on the earth


- A pina colada is not the same without coconut milk.


- Watch out for The Duck Curry. It can give you the SQUITS!


- Kisma + meat = a voracious appetite plus a tonne of energy for dancing the night away!


- Mags + TV = 30 secs till deep sleep


- Cultural influences run deep in each person, influencing our personalities profoundly


- Every strong personality needs a soft personality to temper it…and vice versa


- An apple-pied bed is not quite as comfy as the apple-pier’s bed, especially at 2am


- A fake spider in one’s shoe is much scarier (and much more entertaining for others), than a spider in one’s bed… if one has removed one’s contact lenses for the night.


- If you find out that your bed has been short sheeted, it is probably not the fault of the Hotel Housekeeping, but probably has a direct link to the lump of uncontrollable giggles nearby


- Never underestimate the speed and strength of a birthday girl if she knows she is about to be thrown into the pool or a bathtub….


- You can always eat more


- When on holiday with good friends, sleep is a figment of your imagination


- Having a supportive family back at home, who encourage you daily to enjoy your time away, is truly a blessing


- The mobile phone has revolutionised communication, especially if you need to share a description of your delicious lunch with someone whom you won’t see again for another hour


- There is a shopping gene, a karaoke gene, a photographic gene, an eating gene, a talking gene, and a gene that endows a person with directional sense….or not.


- To talk without superficiality, to laugh, to relax in the company of good friends – these are some of life’s greatest joys.


- After a good holiday, you will need to go home and rest


- There’s nothing that stirs the patriotism like coming through Immigration and Customs, and being told, “Welcome Home”!


- And there is nothing quite as wonderful as coming home to your family who love you, dirty washing and all!



Ange of the North said...

Wow. You had a good time... I hope you have an equally good time back in realityville! It's nice to have you online again. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Looks like you had a funtastic time, great photos. Glad you had someone there with the "talking gene" relax now!! SM

Crystal said...

OH, it sounds like a positively marvelous time! Great pictures too. It's nice to be appreciated when you get home, isn't it? You have confirmed a plan that I have with 2 friends to do a week away - we are planning for their retirement year and thinking of San Francisco.

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