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Friday, May 22, 2009

Deep Compassion

Southern Ange, I'm sorry to hear that it's so cold down there.  Really sorry.  But you know what?  As much as my heart goes out to you, I'm just so relieved to have spring!  I love the sun.  The flowers.  Leaves on the trees.  Pleasant temperatures.  Long days.  I love it all!
Possibly even the dandelions that are trying desperately to gain a special place in my garden!
Today was the big inter-school track meet.  And it was a gorgeous sunny day!  (We're all so glad that it's held in May and not November!)  I snuck away just after lunch to the stadium and managed to find my sweet niece in time for her high jump event.  It was special to spend some time with her and to see her jump.  It's always fun to take pictures of her; she's most willing to cooperate with her camera-happy auntie!
Unlike her naughty cousins...!

Shall I post some photos of our recent winter to make you feel better?

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Southern Ange said...

I get the distinct impression that your deep compassion is only skin deep!!! Pay back time! :-) Seriously though - I'm very glad that there is a part of the world that is coming into warmth. We have the sunshine....just not the warmth right now!

And I loved the photo of your niece - great shot! xo

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