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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walk well

We realised that this weekend is the FINAL weekend we will spend in our house of the last 3 years. We do have a few more weekends left in ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’, but they won’t be here in this home. It was quite a shock for us all when that realisation hit us.


TIME is racing on and we are barely keeping up.


And the GOODBYES have begun.

I INTENSELY dislike goodbyes. I find them incredibly heartbreaking.


But moments like these help us to focus on what is important.

It heightens one’s appreciation of WHO is important, and WHY they are important, and WHAT is important. Today, a friend sent through something which helped me to realise that this journey we all walk, is not just our own. Although we may not always be able to choose where we walk, we can choose HOW we walk. And sometimes, it won’t be clear this side of heaven, why our paths go where they go. But there is a REASON. There is always a reason.


That reason gives me HOPE.

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