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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scurrilous behaviour


I find myself at the end of another week, albeit a shorter week …tomorrow (Fri), the boys have no school (Teacher Only Day, and Exam Prep Day for the Senior Students), and it is Queens’ Birthday Weekend, so we have an extra day’s holiday on Monday.

The week that was….hmm….

The other night, the nurses organised a dinner out to a wonderful restaurant for K and I. We were so touched. Apparently they have only done that for 2 other docs in the past, so we felt very honoured indeed. Met some really lovely people and ate some amazing food. I must try to get back to that restaurant again before we leave!!!!! And the tributes flowed. I was so proud of my husband!



There are some amazing things that happen and that one learns about one’s friends when one is about to leave for distant shores. I never suspected that my beloved friends would resort to such scurrilous behaviour on the (almost) eve of my departure! As I was having a meal with them, ensconced in the loveliness of friendship, little did I suspect that one of them would steal my wallet from my bag whilst another was distracting me with flowing conversation.

Theft of my driver’s licence and of intellectual property ensued. I was deeply shocked and traumatised! Especially since all witnesses to the event wholeheartedly supported the heinous crime and even desisted from alerting me to the fact! The lesson learnt? – Choose your friends wisely!

And the biggest outrage - to think that they managed to get one up on me! Untenable!


And both boys had the honour of performing at two special assemblies this week. I was one proud momma!

Mixed in with the good, was the sad as we continued to say our goodbyes to people. Big Sigh.

Tomorrow, K has his official farewell. It will be a very sad time for him as he has really enjoyed his time at his workplace. As a farewell gift to his colleagues, he has booked a Corporate Massage for all the staff! 5 mins or so each with a professional masseuse – head, neck and shoulders only. Could be a very long and relaxed afternoon!!!

And then we head to Napier & Tauranga….


wee p said...

Those people who borrowed your wallet must care for you deeply as 1. they borrowed your wallet and returned it, boy what great friends and 2. they must have been checking your driver's licence to see when it was your birthday so that they can put on a big celebration. Good on you friends, true friends are rare, hang on to them.

Kezwick said...

I am not surprised the lengths your friends would go to Ange!! All these goodbyes must be hard... wonderful memories though to treasure, enjoy xx

tiger said...
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