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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend, Wisdom, and Wine

It was a busy, busy weekend.  I think I need a holiday to recover.  But amidst the hecticity (new word!), we managed to have a lovely Saturday evening.  Our good friend, Dave (his website is here) came from Kelowna to speak at a men's event and stayed with us overnight.  Naturally, Tim and Lea showed up for the party and we had a great time.  Out came the guitars and there was much laughter!  I like old friends; they feel so comfortable.
And  the wine:  well, that story began last Friday, when the primary teachers transformed the hallway into a rainforest
 in preparation for the theme week, which began today.  
Much angst and busyness.  And not enough sleep.  Too many details for my spinning head to retain.  But the day arrived, and once the morning was finished and the fires were put out, it was ok!  There was a particular moment, however, when I privately made a pact to go home, drink a glass of red, and relax.  So I did!  And even an inferior shiraz fit the bill.
I finish with some wisdom for you:  If ever you ask someone, "Are you going to walk, or do I need to carry you?", be prepared to lift a heavy load.  Really.  People who don't want to cooperate can make themselves really, really heavy.  And even a seven-year-old can kick pretty hard.


Southern Ange said...

You're so right about people who don't want to go somewhere, being heavier than not.....and it's not just 7 year olds who possess that phenomena. 40-year olds who don't wish to be thrown into the hotel pool also seem to have that talent:-)

Crystal said...

I think I can imagine the scenario with your last paragraph :) I love hearing what you have been up too and appreciated your comments after the retreat you were at. I too wish I hadn't spent so many years so far from really actively living my faith.

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