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Friday, April 17, 2009

Piano clips of boys at play!

The boys have had another successful time at their recent music competitions.
K & I are very grateful.
Watching the crowd at these things, makes me wonder if such competitions are more stressful for the parents than for the kids competing.
People have differing views about whether children should take part in competitions such as these. I confess to having mixed feelings depending on the situation and the child.
However, having observed my two boys and their fellow competitors, I must say, that there are certainly some very desirable benefits to be gained. Competition is not always a bad thing if handled well. But don't get me started on this!
The first clip is of E performing a piece by Bartok, a Hungarian composer who wrote folk music which explored using the piano as a percussive instrument. I particularly enjoyed the driving rhythm and the irregular meter of this piece.

And since we haven't included a video clip of L's playing before on this blog, here is one of him winning the Under 10 year old class. L played a beautiful piece called "Butterflies" by a NZ composer, Sandra Lynch. I love her compositions which are all so diverse and interesting. Lil L did very well in his rendition of butterflies riding the breeze, but unfortunately, the audio quality of this clip doesn't do it justice here. You get the idea anyway.


blonDee said...

I have one word for the boys FANTASTIC. No wonder you are proud parents, Gosh my heart welled up with pride just listening to them both & I'm not even related.
Not just in this but in many ways your boys are a blessing (& not just for the family either) thank you for sharing their gifts with us.
Love to you all.xx

Kezwick said...

Really enjoyed their performances Ange, you must have been bursting with pride or tears streaming...know I would have!! Thanks for sharing. xx

Crystal said...

What accomplished players your sons are!! Wow - I loved both pieces and it was interesting to watch their intensity as they played. You should be very proud of them. Thanks for sharing!!

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