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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It was another busy weekend, and I'm so grateful for one more day to breathe before going back to school again tomorrow.
There were a couple of highlights that I can tell you about.
First, Big Bear and I got to sing together in a small a capella group. It was fun! I also sang in the larger Easter choir; we performed (Does one actually perform in church? I'd rather not make it a performance. Maybe it was more like leading people into worship. After practicing a lot. Anyway...) once on Saturday night and three more times on Sunday morning. I liked it, but it meant lots of exhausting rehearsal and songs that just won't quit being played in my head!
We had dinner last night with my family at Tim & Lea's house. It was good to be together, and the sun actually made an appearance after having left us completely to the mercy of the pouring rain!
In the busyness of the weekend, it was difficult to focus on the significance of Easter. And then a remark was made that made me want to shrivel up and hide in a hole. Sometimes I feel that the gaffes and blunders that I make are too much to bear, and I can't stand up under scrutiny. I'm just not enough. Or maybe, I'm too much. Anyway, I was feeling my heart fold itself up and dive for cover, when I remembered this morning that there's something more for me. The resurrection. If I was truly created and planned to be who I am, then there must be grace for me to live in, as I continue to grow. And although other people's opinions may be scathing, I must listen for God's truth despite all the voices around me. Life, new life, is there for me and for all of us.
This gives me courage to lift up my head and go on.


No Looking Back said...

Thank you for your comment regarding "grace to live in". I needed to see that this week. God bless.

Crystal said...

He truly does wait for us at the cross - with arms open wide and shouts of "Hallelujah" every single time that we come. I am convinced of it every day and that is the grace that keeps me going too. Happy Easter - Happy Living With HIm!!!

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