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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funny Boys

These two make me smile.

Little Bear is now home from his first year at school. Is he educated? Don't know... He sure played a lot of music, though.

Oral surgery tomorrow for that boy. This will be the first, very expensive step toward his implant (after that fateful tobaggan ride in December). It costs almost as much as two years of braces.

Little Joe is happy to have his brother back.

My car is much more in demand. Hmmm....

I'm very pleased with myself for scoring U2 tickets for their October concert in Vancouver. The three of us will go. Big Bear is feeling a little left out. But really, would you have bought tickets for someone who says, "Turn off that noise!" every time he hears U2?
Good to be a family together again. But the grocery bills...!

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