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Monday, April 6, 2009


It's the absent blogger, back once again!

It's been a very hectic time, but today included some pockets of peace. This morning, after spending my entire Saturday at school for Kindergarten "Screaming", I stayed home from church with Big Bear. Whew! It was so lovely to breathe the same air together for a while... We made and ate brunch, and actually had a conversation! So Southern Ange, you can rest assured that we have spent time together.
Then it was off the the church for a music/choir practice for Easter. I get to be part of a smallish group singing the Take Six song, "Mary". Fun to sing in parts! When we got back home, my parents were here and we ordered Chinese food for dinner. Lovely to be together.
I think that today had a "together" theme.
So nice.


Crystal said...

A whole day at school when you were on spring break - not fun!! I hope the peace and relaxation of this week carry you far tomorrow. Good thing it's a short week :)) I have 4 days of subbing in the same room this week - wish me luck!

Thanks for visiting my blog - both of you! See you soon.

Southern Ange said...

WOW! You're gonna sing like Take 6?! This I gotta see (and hear)!!! Video it please!

Southern Ange said...

PS. Glad to hear you guys got some together time....finally! Was getting worried!!!! :-)

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