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Sunday, August 2, 2009

O Canada!

Nothing strikes patriotism in the heart of a Canadian like the sight of a mountie in red serge. And the RCMP musical ride has red serge in spades!
I went with Tim and Lea to the musical ride today, and due to my dear brother's exalted position, we scored prime seats in the VIP tent. Out of the sun!
The horses pranced with precision and the riders sweated in their hot uniforms while we oohed and ahhed and snapped photos.
How Canadian!


Southern Ange said...

It even made ME feel 'patriotic' ! So much more 'regal' than what we have down 'ere!!! Glad you kept outta that sun...

Crystal said...

I love seeing them perform! You did a great job of capturing the colors and movement. What does your brother do that gets you all these special treats?!!

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