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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chrissie's Birthday

My lovely niece, Chrissie, is twelve today. Just think of all the wonderful things that await her in life - driving, high school, first love... (Wow. I can't think of anything else to equal those three.) Not only that, she will also get to work out her future career. A few years ago, with stars in her eyes, she declared that her goals in life were to be a teacher and/or a waitress.
There are so many special things about this girl who has a very special place in our hearts. She loves animals, has a beautiful smile and a soft heart, loves her family, and is creative and spunky. And she recently discovered that I looked very much like her when I was young!
Whatever Chrissie ends up doing, she will add her own special loving touch to it, and will probably be surrounded by animals and candy. And just think: in one year from now, she'll be a teenager! (Then life will really begin, especially for Tim and Lea!)
Happy birthday, sweet girl! xox

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