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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Changes Afoot

It has been almost five years - five! - since we bought our house. In that time, we have really done nothing to the exterior, aside from telling each other that it really needs painting. So, true to fashion, we started talking more seriously about it a couple of weeks ago. Just near the end of our vacation. What could we do to update this house? It's pretty sad looking. (Note the old carpet sitting outside - that was my doing! New flooring is sitting in boxes in the living room, waiting to be installed!)A couple of days ago, as I left for school (yes, school!), I snapped this photo. "Our" stone man and his boys were ready to start their work! What will it look like? Well, I'll show you very soon! The painting will be done in September, as the painter is all booked until then.

The house is now full of dust, with tape measures and tools scattered around. I was still able to entertain tonight, however. Good friends, food, and a little wine made for a most enjoyable evening. The big question: What movie have you watched most often in your life? (not counting children's movies!)
Wish you were here, as always!

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Southern Ange said...

How exciting that your house is getting a lovely facelift! Stone? Sounds fascinating - I look forward to future photos! Must be a Canadian thing. And you are a true hostess - good to see that you are managing to entertain the Sisterhood despite all the renos. Oh, and let me guess - would your most watched movie be "Pride & Prejudice"? Do tell!

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