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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Prescription for Good Health

Well, after such an awesome photo marathon, I feel compelled to add a few of my own. Although they don't come from such an exotic locale...
Big Bear and I just spent a week together. Part of it was with friends, but miracle of miracles, we had four out of eight days BY OURSELVES! It was difficult to convince him, this extreme extrovert of mine, but in the end he agreed to go through with it. And he liked it!
We started on Texada Island, where we visited Al and Stella.

After sleeping in their guest bed for a night, we pitched a tent at the local campground. Not because their bed was uncomfortable, but because they were leaving for Vancouver. We then decided to camp for another night, as the ocean view was so beautiful!

We left the island and spent a day on the Sunshine Coast in the rain. Actually, it cleared up quickly, but it sounds better that way... And then we went to Vancouver Island, where I ate this amazing mango and brie quesadilla. You would have loved it, with all that melty brie! Somewhere in there, we also spent a night in a fleabag motel that was decorated in the seventies.
On the south end of the island, in Sooke, we twirled on a merry-go-round.

And then we had cheese and wine looking over the ocean.;

Our next stop was on Galiano Island, where we stopped at my old favorite, Montague Harbour. It seemed uncommonly full of moored boats!
We stayed with Paul and Sarah on Galiano, and the following day, their new little sailboat took its maiden voyage. Big Bear, Paul, and his two daughters sailed for three hours to Thetis Island to take the girls to camp. And then the guys sailed for three hours back! You can just make out the blue and white sail as Sarah madly waves her arms to say goodbye.
That evening we had one of those perfect dinners on the deck as the sun went down over the ocean.
And the next day, the eighth day, Big Bear and I caught the ferry (our seventh of the week) to go home. But wait - who was on the ferry with us??? It was Tim and Lea with Andrew and Chrissie, also returning home from an island vacation! What a lovely way to finish the week, riding the ferry with my brother! And the 50 orca whales frolicking around the ferry made it even more special!
It was a soothing, gentle week with a perfect balance of people and... not. Good for the soul. I highly recommend holidays.
I think you need one, Southern Ange.

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Southern Ange said...

Well, what can one say after reading about such an awesome holiday, but "WOW"! I can't tell you how pleased I was to hear you'd 'gone bush' (Ozzie synonym for 'disappearing into the sunset') with your man - K commented that BB looked VERY relaxed in that great photo from Sooke! And the photo taken from your beachside campspot was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing such a fabulous synopsis of your holiday....I drooled (sailing, quesadillas, ocean breezes etc!), I sighed (longingly!), and I laughed - esp when I read your final comment, and yes, I could do with one of those right now.

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