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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Water…its many faces fascinate me. aIMG_0001

I love the happy colour of blue it can be. The sparkle of light and water droplets together, reflecting laughter, fun, and sunshine.





And then, there is the foreboding moodiness of storm whipped water….powerful, melancholy, wild. Awesome!



The contrast of emotions highlighted by the proximity of time and distance! These photos were taken within an hour and within 10km of each other. The cafĂ© is called “The Lighthouse Restaurant” (for obvious reasons). It was pretty neat having delicious fresh fish n hot chips from this venue whilst the wind whipped the waves into a frenzy. Even more amazing was the fact that it is winter and we were walking around in T-shirts and shorts with the winds swirling around about us…so odd!




For Narnia buffs, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” to be released next December (2010), is presently being filmed in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. At Cleveland Point, a 45m long x 12m high Dawn Treader has been built on a gimbal which allows the ship to simulate the rocking and rolling motion of rough seas, whilst on land. The cameras can be strategically placed to film a clear horizon out to the islands or out to the north facing sea. A grandstand has been set up so that for a gold coin donation, anybody can come and watch the filming for the next 3 weeks. Inside shots are filmed at Movie World on the Gold Coast. A few weeks ago, we were privileged also to see another part of the set which is located out at The Spit on the Gold Coast. All in all, it is great business for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as this will likely be the highest budget feature movie shot here so far. I, for one, am looking forward to the film’s release!



And finally, on the theme of water, we awoke yesterday morning to the gentle pitter patter of light drops on our roof – our first for the last couple of months. It was so nice to listen to the splash of cars driving by on a wet road…and to think that our garden was getting its first watering in months. The boys were SO excited! Rain! Imagine it! Well, kind of rain….the boys asked if it would fill our pool and our water tanks…wishful thinking. By the time we got to school, the drizzle had stopped. Oh well, it was a lovely interlude! Now for the serious stuff of getting out into the gorgeous day…



KS said...

Uh huh ... so your bike is out and about now! Good on you! Lovely to see all the photos especially of the boys in the water. Looking forward to see the woman behind the camera! Lots of love ...

Southern Ange said...

The woman behind the camera, was actually in FRONT of the camera! Didn't u see that grin?! The person behind the camera was actually a man and he was/is enjoying having 1 day off each week, a bit too much methinks! The lunch after our +/-100km (more on the minus side!!!) bike ride was worth it...pity you weren't here to help me polish it all off! But I managed valiantly:) BTW, 'bout time you got your bike out too - I think it has rested long enough! hehe xo

Kerrie said...

Have to get some action shots next time ange to prove our commitment...great getting out with you, still feel the endorphins running thru my veins!!

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