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Friday, July 30, 2010

Call Me a Fan

"How about you going to buy milk? And a coffee for me?"
Big Bear's request this morning was accompanied by pleading eyes , which, along with his constant hard work at home over the past three weeks, softened my normally stony heart. So I popped off in my one-year-old car (Happy Birthday, sweet Rogue!) to Safeway.
The milk quickly became a little more. I couldn't resist the large container of local blueberries. They would definitely require cream. If I wanted to bake a pie-type thing with those blueberries, I'd be needing more butter. And that to-die-for potato salad with green olives that I had last night came from the Fine Cooking magazine - got to get that. Oh, speaking of potato salad, we're out of mayo...
After buying my "milk", I lugged the three bags over to the conveniently located in-house Starbucks. One grande decaf americano misto for the Bear, and a chai tea (hold the milk) for me. No thanks, no tray; I can carry it all.
I was fine across the parking lot, unlocked the car without a problem, and even started to open the door. But it was then that disaster struck.
The grande decaf americano misto tottered, then did a delicate swan dive onto the pavement, splattering my car door and even my shirt in the process.
(the remains of the coffee)
I said a bad word, loaded the rest of my treasures into the car, and went back to Starbucks. After all, this coffee was the real reason I'd been asked to go out (the milk was obviously a smokescreen).
And those lovely baristas in Starbucks no only commiserated with me and made a new cup, they didn't charge me for it!
Now I have never been a real live coffee drinker; I just dabble in lattes and frappucinos. But there's something about Starbucks. The atmosphere, the clean and creative graphics (I always look forward to their Christmas designs), the upbeat employees, the fact that you can sit for hours in comfie chairs with one cheap cup of tea, the free drinks, it all comes together for me. They've really got a good thing going, and I'm an unashamed sucker for it!


Jamie and Jennica said...

Ha Andrea!! Too funny. I'm surprised I haven't spilt coffee all over Oscar yet.

Crystal said...

Similar things have happened to me too - but once it was inside the car! I didn't go back but next time - I hope there never is a next time!! - I'll take your advice and beg for another latte'! I like everything about Starbuck's too :) And your story about getting "milk" is too funny - and too true!!

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