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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Five Things

Yay, summer has arrived! Everyone is very
happy, especially as the summer weather really took its sweet time to get here. Nevertheless, here we are. And I can't seem to figure out the formatting of these photos. They're supposed to be beside each other...
Anyway. Here are five things that I have enjoyed so far.

1. Little Bear and I went to see Charlie Winston in concert. It was his first time in Vancouver, and we thoroughly enjoyed him! I am still a little amazed, though, that a young man would be willing to go to a concert with his mother! I'm sure that people thought I was a cougar. Hee hee!

2. I spent the day with a group of teachers at a leadership course, telling my "leadership story" and giving my meager input. Later, we all drove up to Mount Baker (this was across the border, in the US) and had some fun in the snow. It was spectacular, as you can see!

3. My dad had his last chemo treatment and we decided to have a party to celebrate life! We hired a jazz trio, who performed on Tim 'n' Lea's deck overlooking the ocean, and surprised him with dinner, friends, and music. It was one of those magical evenings that we won't forget.

4. My lovely colleague, Hannah got married last weekend. She's one of those people who thinks of the details that wouldn't ever occur to me, and it was very evident in her wedding. It was a lovely wedding, but honestly, I have no idea how she was able to plan so much, so soon after school ended! I really hope they will have a restful honeymoon, as I think they spent the past week at family dinners and gatherings.

5. Big Bear and I went camping for three days at my very favourite place, Point Roberts. It's a tiny little bit of the USA that is only accessible through Canada. Best of all, it's on the ocean!
After two stormy nights, the weather brightened up and I drank in the sunshine. This is what I love; everything is blue! I really do think that I was meant to live on the beach. The sound, the smell, the feel of the breeze (and the sun!), the colours... it's all part of the ocean package.
And now it is finally time for my garden to get straightened out. The resident weeds must think that they have free rein to grow as much as they want. Now that school is out, though, it's reckoning time.
Life is good.

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Crystal said...

A - It's so nice to come by and hear about your summer! The wedding cake is fabulous! I'm glad to hear your Dad is partying and celebrating life. And the ocean - perfect place to rejuvenate and relax for you. Have you worked in some SB time? I miss your daily photos so much! Take care!

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