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Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a lovely, low-key birthday yesterday.
I took a stack of books out of the library, bought a sweet cake at the bakery, had dim sum with Big Bear, went shopping for a birthday present (the leather Pandora necklace with two beads), had my parents over for dinner, and was generally pleased with the day.
The only thing I didn't do was to meet Tim 'n' Lea at the beach for fireworks. So sad... but in the end, the weather clouded over and wasn't nearly so nice.
And the last thing I did before turning out my light was to have a delightful phone conversation.
Thanks for topping off a lovely day!


Southern Ange said...

Hey it was so nice to catch you on your special day...and I'm thrilled you had a lovely day my friend! You deserve a wonderful day! Happy, happy birthday Young Thing :) Sorry it was so late at your end.

We are still trying to recover from our overseas jaunt and I confess I am a little daunted by having to deal with our inbox which is chocker with emails; and sifting through nearly 5000 photos to find 1 or 2 to blog with! I will get there.... It's nice to be back. xo

Crystal said...

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday! How sweet to be able to connect with your friend and to be treated specially by others. May your year be filled with sweet surprises and gentle moments!

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