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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Mystery Partially Solved

Give a boy a shovel and a mysterious buried object, and guess what will happen?
He will dig!
Several years ago, I discovered something strange buried in a garden bed. What was it? First I thought it might be an old oil tank, but the neighbours told me the house was never heated with oil. Then I wondered if it was some old hazardous waste.
As I have been in a ruthless state of mind recently and ripping apart all kinds of beds (garden), I decided it was time for this one to go.
My nephew, Liam, came over today with his friend, James. And I handed them each a shovel. What a loving auntie I am!
The boys set to work with excitement and ripped apart the wooden sides. As they began to dig, they quickly decided that the mysterious object was a hot tub.
And they were right! It even has a little light in it! But can you imagine wanting a hot tub this small?? And why was it buried in my garden?
When Big Bear and his bro came to see it, they immediately knew that it was a demo.
But it still doesn't explain why it was in my garden.
I listened to Liam and James as they dug; they were telling each other how fun this was. Next time I ask my boys to dig, maybe I should tell them there's something buried.
And now, I am taking my little garden elves out to lunch!

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