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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Like a broken record

I'm back! But this is not a post about our trip away.....not yet!

Life has a way of interrupting my thoughts...

Teachers, Parents, Adults are forever telling kids not to run on concrete.

Cos they KNOW that (amongst other things) a smile like this one -


Can quickly turn into one like this -


Requiring modern medicine, hours of expert dentistry, and plenty of disposable income.

The good news however, is that the unsightly consequence of a moment’s indiscretion with concrete can be partially fixed…….


Supaglue and #8 wire…no chewing for 6 weeks….and many prayers!



Ange of the North said...

Oh, how sorry I am. For all of you! I hope E is able to enjoy the notoriety of such an injury and flaunt it to the extreme. Boys are much better at broken/missing teeth than girls! Can you imagine??...

blonDee said...

Oh No! Thanks goodness for amazing Dental treatment.Great job achieved. I suppose a crown will be needed in the future? Was E's nerve affected...(sorry it's the Old Dental assistant in me LOL)
I'm pleased to see he is still smiling... or was that just for the photo. Please send him some cyber hugs from me.xx

Domestophobe said...


Southern Ange said...

Thanks for the sympathy! I think the parents are suffering more angst than the child at present...Yes, he'll probably need a couple of crowns, and possibly some orthodontic work too. Nerves appeared to be OK, but hoping and praying the roots don't die. The lad has been amazingly stoic through it all. Perhaps it should've been the parents that got the pain relief...?!

Kerrie said...

Ouchy Elliot!! Glad to hear you are being so brave. And you too Ange!

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