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Friday, January 29, 2010

Warm Weather

Vancouver is experiencing one of the warmer Januaries we've had. Of course!
The Winter Olympic Games begin in about two weeks and the snow on the mountains is melting. The features on Cypress Mountain are being built with wood and straw, as there isn't enough snow. Don't worry, though, they'll get snow to cover everything up so the skiers and snowboarders can do their thing. There are big piles of snow being stockpiled at higher elevations. They'll just have to do a lot of loading and transporting!
I wonder just who "they" is...?

We're starting to see spring bulbs peeking out of the ground, and the other day, I actually saw blossoms on a small tree!
So last Friday, we had Hawaii Day at school. I dutifully wore a grass skirt (with leggings), a t-shirt (long sleeved), and a lei. But I just couldn't bring myself to wear the coconut shells. Even these temperatures are not warm enough.
And I'm pretty sure there's something in the dress code about coconut shells...
I hope that the school year Down Under has begun well and that you haven't been run off your feet. Why don't you come to Vancouver for a real holiday in the warm weather!?


Crystal said...

I heard the comments on TV about this being the warmest winter for a long, long time. Remember when that was one of the big worries about awarding the Olympics to Vancouver?! I hope everything will be perfect for hosting - it's a huge event and will change Vancouver forever (mostly for the good)! Will you be going to some events?

Thank you for posting at my blog today, Ange! I'm so glad we found each other - and I really hope we can meet in person one day.

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The SecretMaster said...

Nice post and very nice blog. Pleased a few bulbs are poking their heads out ... ahhhh spring ;-)

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