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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

States of sunshine (part 1)

We have been away. It has been lovely, though we are all ‘sunshined’ out! It’s true! There’s only so much sun one can take!

We went to the Sunshine Coast, stayed in Sunrise Beach, which is right next to Sunshine Beach…..and presumably on the other coast from Sunset Beach…


I had thought of writing some deep, profound thoughts (as begets one who has far too much time to think while on holiday in the hot, hot sun). However, I think the brain got frazzled and I will just drop you a smattering of photos from our time away instead.


Summer is traditionally the season with the most inclement weather here in tropical Down Under. We arrived in a wonderful thunderstorm, but these never last too long. The beach was fabulous to be on after the storm – the surf was high, the surfies were all out catching waves; the ‘sunbathing visual pollution’ had all gone to drier places to hang out; the ambience was moody yet refreshing; the light breeze was warm and not hot; and the lighting was just superb.




I loved this pic of the lone surfer, sitting….watching…


But the sun never stays away for long on the Sunshine Coast.


We spent a lot of time enjoying the beach. The boys particularly loved digging to China and leaving footprints in the sands of time….






I will post more photos another day. However, the hour is presently late and I think I need to go to bed…..as befits someone of my stage in life. I have had a good giggle at the cheeky responses to the last post on “The Sabbath Principle”, some of which are not repeatable. However, this card came through the post today, and I thought it was worth sharing……for you who may also be at this stage in life.


Good night!



Ange of the North said...

What a beautiful place. I would be very happy there! I love the photo of E - so very handsome! Amazing how they grow up so quickly...
I hope you had a very happy day. You know, that day you had on Sunday. The special one. Love to you all! xox

Kerrie said...

Wow, what amazing sand creations!!! How fun your time looks.
Looking forward to catching up with you, it's been too long dear friends xx

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