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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Sabbath Principle

A year in its infancy always causes me to consider afresh the issue of new undertakings, new ventures ahead. I wonder what our year is going to look like, what steps we will need to take in order to achieve certain goals. And whether we will drift with the status quo, or need to ‘take the plunge’…



One thing is for certain. Whilst I recognise that busyness is a part of life, I would REALLY like to come a little closer to finding some BALANCE in life.



We heard a great sermon today. It was about the “Stop & Rest” Principle (otherwise known as the “Sabbath Principle”). It is the principle of working hard but also of setting regular time aside to rest/stop. Some delineate that as working for 6 days and setting aside a day for rest. But however you choose to define it, I imagine that for many people, the prospect of setting regular time aside to rest/stop, can be daunting.


I was challenged to view the Sabbath Principle as a gift.

It protects us in many ways – from our sense of indispensability; from showing that our value/worth is found in more than just productivity; it restores balance to lives which are spinning outta control because of life’s endless demands; and it marks time to stop, time to recharge, time to refocus.



Hmmmm. I could get used to this!

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Anonymous said...

Nice legs. When are you going to show some respect for your peers and grow/show some grey hairs?

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