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Monday, January 18, 2010

Aging With the Boy

It was a momentous occasion at our house this week.
Little Bear turned twenty!
Big Bear remarked recently, "He sure doesn't act twenty!"
However, I beg to differ. He acts just like a twenty-year-old male. In other words, a little bit like he has always acted. Vague, flighty, laid-back, absent-minded, preoccupied with music... and probably girls...

He insisted that he wasn't officially twenty until Nonie measured him. So she did the ritual birthday measurement that is done for each child in our family. I love the way he wholeheartedly embraces traditions!
OK, you can't show this to anyone, but here's a closely-guarded photo of our family in about 1992. Little Bear, the wild-looking one in blue, was two. Can you see the resemblance? That's Little Joe in the stripes. I'm pretty sure that's Big Bear on the left, but I have no idea who that strange woman could be...
Two weeks ago, I watched Little Bear as he talked with a homeless man. I saw him treat this man with dignity and respect as they chatted for a while. I was filled with pride at seeing him take the time to listen and accord respect to someone rejected by society.

I know that my boy is still in the process of growing up. He may be disorganized and forgetful, but he has the important bits in place: a kind, compassionate heart that is open to serving God and loving others.
Although I kind of miss that wild little two-year-old at times, I'm enjoying the ride as he grows up. And one day, I'm sure he'll get a haircut!

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Southern Ange said...

"SERIOUS?!!!" - that was firstly the response of E when he read that Lil Bear was a big 2-0!. And it was secondly the response of K when he saw your family photo! I loved the photos. All of them. But the 1992 version was very cute (but who WAS that lady?:) Thanks for sharing! And hearty CONGRATS to you and Big Bear for raising such a fine, strapping, young man. He sounds like JUST the sort of son one should be very PROUD of. I'm sure he has grown even more than when we saw him last...just WHAT do you guys feed him???! xo

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