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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aging with another boy

I had forgotten how close (in birthdates at least) your big lad and my little lad were! I don’t know what 20 year olds do for their birthdays, but I do know that my newly-turned-nine year old had decided A LONG TIME ago what his plans would be, for his special day!


He decided that :

he didn’t want any presents,

he didn’t want a party,

he wanted just ONE friend over,

he wanted to play for hours with Lego,

he wanted a swim in the pool,

he wanted to spend the day at home…

AND just maybe (pleeeeease) could we go out for dinner at Sizzlers?!

Closer to the actual day, he changed his mind about presents….too many delicious options kept appearing in catalogues and on store shelves! However, he stuck to his guns about the rest of his birthday plans.


And of course, we had daddy’s traditional surprise birthday cake! Ange of the North, do you remember the big green cake that turned up in your classroom one year?! You were so gracious to allow us to disrupt your class that time!


K has always made each of the boys a birthday cake every year. The surprise is that somewhere on the cake, there will be a SECRET COMPARTMENT stuffed FULL of lollies (candy/sweets/goodies). The boys always try to guess WHAT KIND of cake it will be, and WHERE the secret compartment might be lurking, and it is also a matter of great conjecture as to HOW one can access that secret compartment…because the secret compartment is revealed only when the trigger mechanism is accessed.


So this was the 'cake doctor' at work, late into the night.

20100115_Liam's 9th bday_112

20100115_Liam's 9th bday_107

This was our fridge overnight.

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_088

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_086

And this was the cake for L’s 9th birthday.

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_094

As with all good musical instruments, if you want your music to be ‘sweet’ you need to make sure you ‘tune up’ well. And the way to tune a guitar is of course, to turn the tuning pegs (aka lollipops/suckers)…..the right one revealed the 'goodies'!

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_050

Can you see the secret compartment opening up?

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_048

And lil L spent the rest of his day as ordered.

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_024

20100116_Liam's 9th bday_007

A very happy and contented 9 year old!


Kerrie said...

So clever guys! Thanks too for the lovely lunch the other day, you do entertaining very well. See you in school grounds next week xx

Southern Ange said...

It's very easy to entertain nice guests! Look forward to catching up on Monday - I will be watching to see how fast you RUN up those stairs! xo

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