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Monday, December 28, 2009

Gourmet Christmas

Today we had Christmas #2, with my in-law family.
It was quite lovely.
We went for brunch at the Sheraton hotel; I highly recommend it to anyone who likes good food. Anyone like that around here?
There were salads, wonderful meats, assorted seafood, dim sum, breakfast foods, and yummy desserts. I ate too much.

In the younger generation, there were sweet nieces, hungry nephews, one husband, a girlfriend, and a boyfriend. The family is growing, no thanks to our branch.
Later, we all went to Phil and Christine's house (which is almost exactly the same as ours) to hang out and exchange gifts. This year, we each put in a gift card and everyone took turns opening or stealing a card. It was funny when our 22 year-old nephew opened the gift card for a lingerie shop; his girlfriend took pity and stole it from him!
The four boys - Little Bear's hair has grown quite long, and Little Joe has decided to join him. Aaaghh!
It was a beautiful, frosty day. Just right for a Christmas gathering.
I loved reading your description of a Christmas Down Under, Southern Ange. I think it may be something to try one day. I'm sure I would like to celebrate in the warm (hot) weather!
And that pink candle - I remember it! In fact, I'm pretty sure you entrusted it to me when you went back to NZ. I burned it with the proper reverence and did it in remembrance of Little L, who isn't so little anymore!

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Southern Ange said...

So glad to hear that there has been a goodly amount of sterling gastronomical endeavours undertaken! And the Sheraton certainly does a good job in that area...am I mistaken or was that Phil I could see in the distance, dressed as Santa Claus?! Little L was chuffed to hear that you remembered his pink candle! The family is definitely blossoming...xo

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