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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A tribute to inspiration


When I started to write this post, it was a beautiful summery evening and the boys were having a night time swim to celebrate the end of concerts for the year! It was a lovely evening for a swim. The stars were bright, the lights were twinkling, the air was balmy, and the water was warm. It is always lovely to watch my boys having so much fun in the water. And the parents enjoyed that ‘final concert for the year’ kinda feeling…. All happy! I decided to head on inside though, when Kevin started photographing geckos on our wall. Cute as the boys insist they are, they’re not for me!


The last concert at Burpengary on the Sunshine Coast was a nice way to finish off the concert season. E played a solo violin piece and also a duet with orchestral backing in the first half. He then joined the orchestra for 2 pieces in the 2nd half. Lil L played a classical guitar piece with double bass and violin accompaniment in the 2nd half. Very cool indeed. Both boys got very enthusiastic responses from the audience, and gained a lot of kudos from the experience.


During the intermission, an older man came up to E and me, and asked if he could give E a ‘Christmas gift’….I was a bit hesitant, cos I wasn’t really sure what he was getting at! And E assured the gentleman that he didn’t need a gift, but the guy was very insistent. He said he used to play the violin when he was younger and that he’d since given up the violin because he was now 73 yrs old. He said that he was so thrilled with E’s playing that he really wanted to give E something, and that E should spend it on something nice for himself! What a wonderful gesture! E was so encouraged by the gift-giver’s generosity! I wonder if the gentleman realised how much his kind act impacted on this child, and what far-reaching effects it may have in the days to come. All credit to E, who tried to pass on the gift to his violin teacher, since proceeds from the concert sales were going to an orphanage in Africa. (E’s teacher would not accept it, but told E also to spend it on himself!). I think E is adamant that he’s going to give the whole lot to charity. The expression of encouragement was sufficient for him. I love the way generosity has a habit of multiplying!


I went to bed thinking about the many priceless people in the world who encourage children in so many different ways, to do the best with what they’ve got. Some provide opportunities, others create moments, and still others journey alongside. Then there are those who appreciate. They are just as important since we all need people who will appreciate us for what we are.


Speaking of inspirational people…..today, I had the honour of attending the funeral of a friend who was suddenly promoted into Heaven. What a wonderful celebration of her life.

An amazing woman who leaves behind a close knit family, the likes of which is rarely found these days. Though she had every reason to be grumpy at the nasty curve balls, life has thrown at her, Linda is in fact remembered for the fact that she never complained but lived life to the utmost, squeezing every ounce of goodness out of it and encouraging all around her to do the same.

She understood the preciousness of life, many times not knowing if she would see another hour or another day, and in fact ‘died’ many times over the course of her short life. Medically, she was a walking miracle. But she embraced life with her ready sense of humour and sheer determination, despite the intense pain and struggle.

She believed that life was given to her to fulfil her God-given role – a role nobody else could fulfil – she was, firstly and foremostly, a Wife and a Mother for her husband and children, and it was a role she pursued with the unswerving dedication and loads of fun. Her beautiful children are now living testimony of this selfless devotion.

She will always be remembered for her love of all who came across her path, and the way she made everyone feel like they were incredibly special. Linda always put others’ needs before herself, with many people never suspecting that her needs were so much greater than theirs would ever be.

She touched the lives of many, inspiring many, and leaving unforgettable memories.

Linda was not afraid of dying because she knew the reality of God in her life. She also knew that one day, life with God in Heaven, would be incomparable bliss – a freedom from pain, struggle, and tears. The day before Linda passed away, she attended a friend’s funeral. Afterwards, she commented “Christian funerals should be a celebration and the Gospel should be preached”….today’s thanksgiving service for her life was exactly that!

What a truly awesome legacy!


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KS said...

L is looking so handsome! Hmmm ... wait until R sees him :) And what a wise and generous young man E has grown up to be. You must be so proud of them both.

I'm so touched by your story of Linda. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

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