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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Secret to my Success

Where have I been for the past weeks?
I'll tell you where:
I've been working ever so hard at school. Teaching is very serious work.

Rehearsing for the big Christmas musical at church.
Rushing home to put on makeup and hair rollers.
And spending my evenings on stage, singing, dancing, and smiling.
What is my secret? What gives me that special touch?
It's the gloves. Elbow length gloves. They're magical!
I think I may keep wearing them. They make me feel like a star!
We had our last performance last night and I slept until noon today. I'd better get dressed now and put my gloves on.

1 comment:

Southern Ange said...

WOW! What a Diva! You looked awfully swish and I'm sure the musical was HEAPS of fun! As for the gloves, I'm sure they will add class to anything you do in them....gardening, driving, playing golf, peeling the spuds...! LOVED the pic - I couldn't persuade the boys that it truly was YOU in the photo however - too far outside 'the box'! :) xo

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