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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Cozy West Coast Christmas

Dec 24 - 10am on Christmas Eve, and I was roaming the mall. Not too crowded yet, so it wasn't painful at all. Really!
I don't know if it's like this Down Under, but here, the burning question on everyone's lips through the month of December is, "Are you ready for Christmas?" What they're wondering is, have you finished shopping? Are all your presents wrapped? Have you set the table for Christmas dinner? Have you decorated your entire house, as well as the tree? Do you have gifts for everyone you know, including your letter carrier?
I leave it to your intuition as to my state of readiness the day before Christmas.
I was up till midnight on Christmas Eve.
Fortunately, the boys were happy enough to sleep until 8am. Well, at least one of them was, and had to be woken up at 9. We had a lovely time together opening our gifts to each other, by the artificial tree... (our niece calls it the Tree of Lies)
In the afternoon, we trekked out to Tim and Lea's house for Christmas dinner. Just before the sun went down, Cory and I went with Tim down to the beach for some photos. Tim brought his skookum (Canadian work for awesome) flash setup, complete with white umbrellas, to make the most of the light. It was cold, crisp, and wonderfully salty. I love to live on the coast!
Tim, the freshly-minted inspector, as of a couple of weeks ago!
It was wonderful to be together. Lea had worked her usual decorating magic, but it was the togetherness that made it a lovely evening. Dad is in his second week of chemotherapy, the lowest time of the three-week process, but he's doing very well. We were all very appreciative of family.
And to finish up our wonderful Christmas Day, we all snuggled on the sofa and watched District 9. Gotta love it!

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