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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dry Photos!

Southern Ange, I loved your wet photos. And like your friend, KS, I wondered how you were able to take them without getting wet! You are definitely not a duck, unlike your three boys!
Guess what - we have had two and a half sunny days in a row! Woo hoo! Not only that, but report cards are finished. Life is good.
Here's what you're missing in the Great White North:

New snow on the mountains
Beautiful sky at the end of the day
Morning frost on the grass
Puddles to play in

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Southern Ange said...

I may not be a duck, but I have my ways and means…! One day, just to prove it, I will post a picture of yours truly IN the water…but best you don’t hold your breath just yet! Cheeky things! Love the photos by the way....yes, I miss all of those things except maybe the puddles! :) xo

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