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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Bloody Post - Beware!

"Mum, get the camera!"
When my Little Bear says these words, I know that something has happened. As a rule, this boy tends to avoid photos. He is particularly uncooperative when I want to take pictures of him. But when something spectacular is going on, he is only too happy to invite me to capture the moment.
Especially when it involves blood.
I have memories of his barnacle cut on the Italian coast. Look at that grin!

His wipeout in the gravel parking lot at school.

The sad tobbogan collision with a tree, resulting in a lost front tooth.

And then I heard those words again today.
"Get the camera!"
Sigh. It was the dirt bike. And his arm. With dirt ground into it.
And the Superman shirt didn't seem to help him at all.

I have this wicked thought. Maybe in the future, I can somehow draw blood when I want to take photos of him.
Do you think it will work?


Southern Ange said...

He's a real lad! And now, he's perfected The Pose too, right down to the Bieberesque hair...not a hair outta place for the photo !!! :)

Crystal said...

The joys of a boy and his toys and adventures!! You are definitely getting some good pictures as he goes through these stages. Happy Easter to you today!

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