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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trip to the Cabin

We drove late into the night and arrived at the cabin just after midnight... this morning. Good Friday. And once we built a fire to take the edge off the cold (this is not Cuba!), turned on the electricity and water, unpacked our food boxes, and crawled into chilly beds, we slept verrrryyy well.

It was lovely to wake up to the peace of the mountain, sun shining through the windows and birds twittering in the trees. I could hear the fire crackling in the fireplace and reveled in the loveliness of a holiday. So good!

I love having a musician son who fills my life with good songs. Cory sat on the porch in his pajama pants and no shirt, completely comfortable in the chilly air, and played for us. Tim captured the moment and after working some HDR magic, featured the results on his blog.

Good to be away. Good to have music. Good to be with family. Good Friday.


Southern Ange said...

And GOOD to know you're relaxing!! :) xo

Crystal said...

That's a cool photo! A cabin would be a great place to spend this weekend - enjoy every minute!

A - can you please send me an email? Thanks!

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