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Friday, April 8, 2011

Warm Memories

I got home from Cuba on Sunday night, just in time to return to school the next morning.
How was it?? Well, maybe this photo can tell you how it was... mojito in hand, beautiful pool, blue skies, warm weather, and see the bar in the middle of the pool? All inclusive! (I was very moderated, let me tell you. However, it was most enjoyable to wander up and ask for a drink when I was in the mood!)
The beach was gorgeous and the water was a lovely temperature.
Our day in Havana left me hoping for another visit very soon.
I loved it!


Southern Ange said...

Looks idyllic! Just what you guys needed. So the pics in the travel mags don't lie...:) xo

Crystal said...

It looks absolutely wonderful! Just the place you needed to be with your Mom. I think I would like it too :)

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