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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Will it or Won't it?

Snow is on everyone's minds tonight!
The forecast is calling for 5-10cm, but the big question is, will it fall hard and fast enough? And at just the right time?
In the best possible world, the snowfall would begin sometime after midnight, and would hit its peak by about 6am. And then, just maybe, we would have a snow day!
But I don't really think it will turn out that way...
The alternative is that the snow will start in the morning and we'll drive to school as it just gets going. The streets around the school, in their little micro climate, will be treacherous and slippery, but there won't be quite enough to call it a snow day. The phones will ring constantly with parents asking, "Is there school today? I didn't see anything on the website." (Which would clearly indicate that, yes, there is school today.) And then, some time later in the morning or afternoon, the whole thing will change to rain and create a sloppy mess on the roads.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boy, did you ever nail it. It started snowing hard at 6:30 am and now at noon is starting to turn into rain. Blech indeed

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