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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Delights

We are deep into the season, and are always grateful for a dry, pleasant day! The trees are at different points in the leaf-losing process, some completely bare and others still green and leafy. The boys and I took a little walk to the park this afternoon. I had to do quite a bit of coercing...This was my favourite photo. It captures their personalities very nicely!
After the delights of the park ("Hurry up, mum, I have to leave!"), we came home and enjoyed a wonderful Face Time call with my niece, my dad, and other assorted family members. Do you remember wondering if, one day, we'd be able to see each other on phone calls? Well, now we can!
I love my iPhone!
The most delightful part of the day was the time change. We put our clocks back last night, and had an extra hour to relax this morning! Which means that, although from now until March, I'll be driving home in the dark, at least I'll be leaving for school in the light for a while longer!

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Southern Ange said...

Love it all! - fall colours, the fact the boys took you out on a walk, that they allowed you to take photos of them, your iphone...etc. LG - Life's Good! :) xo

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