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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Solomon, the wise one

Our friendly neighbourhood lizard has now been named.

The boys called him “Solomon” because he seems so 'wise' (entrepreneurial? opportunistic?)….especially when it comes to getting people to feed him!


The boys were on the computer the other day, when there was a banging on the glass door next to them…..surprised, they looked up to discover Solomon trying to get their attention.

We appear to have become like a “Drive Thru” or “Takeaway” service.
Or perhaps Lizards are like Cats, and consider Humans their personal slaves.
Whatever the case, it was very clear what Solomon was wanting.


I’m sure if we listened hard enough, we would’ve heard an “Oi !!!”….


He's putting on a bit of weight!
Maybe Solomon is actually a Selena....

Or maybe.....he's just very clever at getting what he wants!


domestophobe said...

You realise you will have to take him with you when you move into your new home! and the lizardlets should it turn out to be Selena with food cravings...

why is a wise woman posting blogs at 1am?

Southern Ange said...

I think Solomon will survive quite fine when (if???!) we move...he has skills that will ensure he receives a continuous supply of food - of that we have no doubt! And should Solomon turn out to be a Selena, then as long as the lizardlets stay on "The OTHER SIDE" of the glass door, that's OK. We are not mushing up their food for them though!

The wise woman was keeping her lantern going till the bridegroom returneth! And if you believeth that......

Ange of the North said...

What an exotic little fellow! All I get here are cats and racoons drinking out of the pool, and squirrels who steal all the hazelnuts off my tree. Pretty normal and humdrum... But a lizard! And a friendly one at that! xox

Southern Ange said...

Raccoons and squirrels are exotic for us! We don't find them around these parts. And I'd much rather have cute and furry....than scaly and reptilian. xo

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