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Monday, November 1, 2010


It's October 31, the night when children dress up and take home impossibly huge amounts of candy.
For weeks, stores have been flogging large packages of chocolate bars, tacky pre-made costumes, and horrible decorations. Houses have sprouted huge cobwebs, graveyards, and ghosts hanging from trees. (That's the part I really dislike.) We're modeling a strange kind of hospitality...
I, however, carved three sweet pumpkins. They are currently glowing on my front step.
I did my part to support the fake chocolate industry. After I bought 100 little bars for the 30 or so kids who usually show up, Big Bear decided (completely in character) that more is better, so now we have 150.
Now, at 8:20 pm, the visitors have trickled to an end and we're left with more than half of what we bought. Uh oh! Who will eat all that chocolate?
We had quite a few little customers, most looking cute in their costumes, though a few were positively ghoulish. It was fun to welcome them and to send them off with treats.
And then, off they trotted to their waiting parents.
The fireworks are now banging away and the older kids are roaming about, looking for more serious excitement. And we have a huge bowl of chocolate to deal with.
No rest for the weary!


Southern Ange said...

Go deal to the chocolate!!! Have courage!!! :)
I for one, am glad Halloween's not such a big deal over here (tho the retailers are trying their best to make like it is). I don't think we had anyone knock on our door...oh hang on, I think we were out! Aha. xo

Southern Ange said...

PS. Dr K thinks that Big Bear's plan was a sneaky but a goodie!!! :)

Crystal said...

We went to our daughter's and in a small village they had 40+ kids come to the door. The last ones were junior high kids with skateboards for costumes - they looked alot like they regularly do! I took our treats over there so I have no leftovers - which is probably a good thing! Does your school get into this holiday? That's the part I never really liked!

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