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Friday, August 13, 2010

Marriage Therapy

Home again!
Big Bear and I just got home from a few days in Coalmont.
We stayed in our old camper (I would call it one star heritage accommodation), which is living out its golden years in peace and quiet, traveling no more. (I pondered this and thought of your six star hotel and of Anita S, who only stays in places with lobbies. Where did I go wrong??)
The purpose of this trip was to bond together on the ATV. Really, it was for Big Bear to show me all the amazing places he has traveled on his motorcycle. And let me tell you, they were amazing!
We spent a couple of days driving around in the mountains on logging roads and old tracks. You'd be very proud of me.
(Here I am. Do you like my new super-cool helmet?)
Now that we have spent time together on the ATV, our marriage has been truly sealed in Heaven. (This is not meant to be offensive to my Mormon friends.) We have shared the ultimate in wedded adventures, and this has catapulted our relationship to the.... I'm at a loss as to where it is now. Somewhere very high up.
And high up is where we were in this photo!
On Wednesday, I got to experience the famous (at least in my house) Whipsaw trail. Picture a narrow dirt road that goes up and down steep hills. Pour lots of water on it, creating mud ponds and bogs. Then dump lots and lots of rocks of all sizes along the length of the trail. Make 'em sharp and pointy. Can you picture it? That's the Whipsaw. Four wheelers love it!
(We almost had to use the winch to get over this rocky patch, but BB, in all his ingenuity, made it!)
Our handy dandy GPS helped keep us pointed in the right direction as we tried to make our way across the mountains to a particular lake. We looked for trails and went by trial and error, and in the end, we found the right one.
I am convinced that if Big Bear had been born a couple hundred years ago, he would have been an explorer and searched for the famed Northwest Passage. (It's a Canadian thing...) He loves exploring, and was very excited when we were successful. He has the most amazing sense of direction.
Now that our big adventure is over, my arms are sore and tired. It's a lot of work being an explorer on an ATV!


Southern Ange said...

Heyyyy! I am EXCEEDINGLY proud of you my delicate friend! You could almost pass for a Kiwi lass. And I'm also thrilled that your marriage has now been sealed in heaven....where did you say you'd catapulted to?? To the Oregon Coat and beyond? I'm sure Big Bear LOVED having you around for the ride. Enjoy the Coast and look forward to hearing from you when you're back from infinity and beyond. xo

Crystal said...

Oh, you should come to Alberta and we could spend a weekend together!! We have mud, and hills, and great views too :)) It's so much fun to go with a group of 8 or 10, have lunch on the trail, pull each other out of the mud and have supper around the campfire. Please let me know when you can come!!!!

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