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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Bear has been working super hard all summer! It began in mid-June, when we took down our old (25 years?) above-ground pool that was in grave danger of spewing forth all its water. Since school ended, he toiled practically every day to prepare the base, install proper drainage, remove all the soil that had piled up around the pool walls, build a retaining wall, and assemble a brand new pool. I had foolishly estimated it would take a week or two, but it was far more than that!
Yesterday, we declared the new pool finished, if a little chilly, and Big Bear took the first inaugural plunge. There he is, splashing down!
And now that the pool is done and the weather is nice and hot, we're off to the Oregon coast.
I'll update you when we get back.

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Southern Ange said...

You know, Big Bear could get jobs a-plenty down here in Sunshineland, planting swimming pools in every backyard. Let me know if you decide to relocate!!! I'm sure we could keep him gainfully employed :) We'd like a pic of YOU hopping into that beautiful pool please.... xo

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