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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Tribute

It is the last day of school. For the students, that is... I will be held prisoner for some time yet.
I thought I'd share with you some treasured memories from my class this year.

1. The conversation:
Me: Is there anything you need to tell me about?
J: Ummm.... I told someone to be quiet.
Me: Anything else?
J: I kicked J's foot.
Me. Anything else?
J: Ummm... I threw rocks.
I think I will use this strategy more often; it seems to be quite illuminating!

2. The illustration
3. The apology
4. The confession - what I heard from Little C was: "I was practicing my pitching by throwing rocks and one of them accidentally hit B when he walked in front of it."

5. The scene: I walk in the room in the middle of recess. Shocked, guilty faces stare at me. These boys should be outside, but they've been in the classroom throwing scissors!
Poor old J had to spend the rest of recess holding my hand outside.
This was just a taste of the lovely souvenir letters I have from this year. I will treasure them forever.
I think that I will even miss these boys!

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