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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Glorious Vision

Way back in February, back when Vancouver was gripped by Olympic euphoria and happy, anthem-singing crowds roamed the streets, I had a vision. A noble, grand vision which was finally fulfilled today!
I was completely taken by the Olympic graphics that filled the city. On the main routes, each light post had street banners that echoed the cool blue and green design that was everywhere. Oh, how I loved those graphics! And then, the idea came to me: our school needed to get our hands on a pair of those street banners!
But how?
After asking, wondering and searching, I finally found the answer. The city was planning to donate the banners to a charitable organization to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake relief. Cool!
We ordered ours right away.
And time marched on...
Last Thursday, our banners finally arrived. They're exactly like the ones in the picture - hooray! And now that we had them, it was time to actually raise the money.
Today, we had an electronic lunch. For a $3.00 donation, students were allowed to use electronic devices at lunch time only. I have yet to count the money, but we more than reached our goal. And hanging in the foyer were our glorious banners!
I was tempted to pull out my own iPod and catch some Broken Bells at lunch time. But I had forgotten my $3.00.
Oh well.

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